The energy transition is a complex and evolving environment facing continuous challenges and creating new opportunities.

LCP Delta was formed through the merger of LCP Energy and Delta-EE to bring together deep generation and consumer-side expertise and provide our clients with a single partner to help them on their journey.  

We identify and evaluate the options for policy makers, industry participants and investors to find the right solutions for their role in the energy transition as energy markets around the world undergo significant change. We are your partner, from strategic market entry through to real time intelligence and long term forecasting, to ensure a greener, fairer transition for all.

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LCP Delta™ combines the expertise of LCP Energy and Delta-EE to provide a single partner across the whole energy value chain.

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We’re really excited to bring LCP Energy and Delta-EE together to offer our clients a partner across the energy spectrum. We’re currently in the process of bringing our websites together, and so the individual service pages on this website largely relate to our generation-side offerings, or what our clients know as the ‘LCP Energy’ offerings.

If you’d like to see how we can support across the full value chain, please visit us at 

At LCP Delta we provide our clients with four key offerings:  

1. Subscription research 

Our in-depth research helps our clients exploit opportunities in the change from old to new energy, staying ahead of trends in the industry and make the best decisions for their business. LCP Delta is your partner across the energy transition.  Our areas of focus include: flexibility and energy storage, distributed power, heat, local energy systems, EV charging, connected homes, new business models and hydrogen. 

2. Consultancy 

  • Strategic and advisory consultancy across Europe 

Our bespoke consultancy service enables clients to make commercial and strategic decisions on strategy, market entry, investments, business models and customer propositions. We leverage our in-house expertise to deliver tailored solutions to business-critical questions around the transition from old to new energy.  

  • Revenue and network charge forecasting 

Our GB and Irish revenue and charges forecasting services are powered by the models that we provide BEIS as the UK’s primary power market forecasting tool, as well as being used by National Grid, Ofgem and the LCCC.  These services are used by investors and asset owners to make strategic decisions and assess the impact of policy on their investments. We support with market forecasting, revenue stacking, asset valuation, dispatch optimisation, auction bidding strategies and policy impact analysis. Our clients include generators, suppliers, investors, strategists, traders and policy analysts. 

3. Technology and data 

We combine and curate proprietary and public datasets to provide you with a single source of truth across the energy spectrum, and make this data interactive using our cutting-edge technology. This ranges from real time data integration aimed at power traders through Enact, to pan-European storage opportunity tracking through STOREtrack. 

4. Training 

We help you better understand key topics and trends in the energy transition so that you and your organisation know how to position your company and take advantage of commercial opportunities. 


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We can help our clients with a wide range of issues from whole system modelling to individual power plant and policy impact analysis.

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

We advise on the optimal dispatch of assets within the wholesale market, forward planning of maintenance activities and valuation of commercial upgrades to plant.

We are experts in the demand side of the energy market, with a focus on how the energy transition impacts our clients.

Enact is an advanced data integration and analytics platform for the GB electricity short-term markets, allowing power traders to make more informed decisions and analysts to benchmark their asset's performance.

We provide detailed forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets, using our EnVision modelling framework. This can provide both short-term and long-term forecasts of all key system metrics, from system wide to individual assets.

We work extensively in the Irish market, providing market modelling and analysis to investors, generation owners and governments.

Our understanding of market dynamics and modelling experience allow us to offer evidence-based recommendations on complex policy and regulatory issues that allow fully informed decision-making.

We help our clients identify technological and data led solutions to solve the issues they face. From risk modelling for pension clients to providing insight to the energy market, we use the latest cutting-edge technology to help clients make better and more informed business decisions.

We combine bottom-up unit-level modelling with market and policy insights to quantify the value and understand the risk associated with any generation asset. 

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