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The majority of health systems use activity-based payments to reward providers but this is at odds with patients’ health needs and the sustainability of existing healthcare models. Through realigning incentives, our approaches aim to transform healthcare systems from importers of illness to exporters of health, paying off for both patients and providers.

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‘Value Based Care’ or ‘Outcome Based Agreements’ (OBAs) that realign the incentives between payments and patient health have been cited as a solution to growing and more complex healthcare demands for years. However, very few have been implemented due to uncertainty across stakeholders and the wide skillsets required to put such agreements in place.

We harness our multi-disciplinary team spanning actuaries, data scientists, epidemiologists and clinicians to support all stages of OBA implementation. Our approach to the design, development and implementation of OBAs focuses on working across stakeholders to build consensus around patient value using several stages:

  • Stakeholder mapping across patients, payers and providers of therapeutics and care
  • Identifying the target patient population including strata where outcomes are likely to vary in order to mitigate against worsening health inequalities
  • OBA design through working with stakeholders to identify several feasible OBA clinical and financial scenarios
  • Simulation modelling of the OBA scenarios to estimate impacts for each stakeholder over time
  • Data governance and infrastructure to ensure the OBA framework can be embedded in a sustainable reporting framework
  • Implementation and reporting schedule across stakeholders including interactive and dynamic dashboarding to facilitate stakeholder engagement and ongoing monitoring

Through simulating a range of OBAs and comparing outcomes across a wide range of stakeholders, we build consensus around solutions that value the health of patients and populations alike.  

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