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Health Analytics team to track and transform UK health outcomes

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LCP has today launched LCP Health Analytics - a new set of services that will bring clarity to decision makers across healthcare and life sciences, in response to the increasingly complex demands that the sector faces from ageing populations with more long-term health conditions.

LCP’s Health Analytics team will be headed by Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard. Jonathan is a Public Health physician and Imperial College epidemiologist. He is also vice-chairman of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and retains these wider interests alongside his role at LCP. The team will work alongside LCP’s analytics and technology division, bringing together statisticians, actuaries and data scientists to provide actionable insight to understand changing patterns of disease and improve health outcomes. The team will provide solutions to clients across healthcare and life sciences. Services for healthcare providers include operational analytics to improve the delivery of services, redesigning care pathways to reflect the changing nature of patients’ needs and population health analytics including risk stratification and intervention modelling. Across life sciences, the team will leverage their innovative modelling methods developed across other sectors and real world evidence to identify clusters of co-morbidities in groups with long term conditions, map and forecast burden of diseases in complex populations and support health economic and outcomes research with more comprehensive and detailed estimates.

Aaron Punwani, CEO at LCP commented:

“LCP has a long track record in developing innovative analytics and technology solutions to disrupt established methodologies, not just in pensions, insurance and investment but more recently in energy markets and football analytics. I am really excited that we can add healthcare analytics to our growing set of capabilities. The combination of expert clinical knowledge, market leading analytics and well-established connections within the sector mean that we can combine a truly unique offering with a direct route to market. Our innovations in this space will help decision makers improve population and health outcomes for patients. They will also add value to our traditional pensions advisory services, in an industry where the actuarial analysis of mortality can benefit greatly from more direct clinical expertise.”

Tom Porter, Strategy Director at LCP, added:

“We are delighted to have Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard heading up the new team. He brings immense public health and chronic illness knowledge with him as well as having a high public profile in the field. There is much more data newly available about the factors influencing disease risk and trajectories which makes it the perfect time to use our cutting-edge technology and analytics to help make sense of it and translate it into practical solutions.”

Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, head of Health Analytics at LCP, added:

“Demographic change and multimorbidity means that populations are living in poor health for longer than ever before, while disease profiles vary substantially across communities – one size fits all approaches are no longer appropriate. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how timely data providing actionable insights can help decision makers protect and promote health across populations. I am looking forward to bringing my expertise to help develop insight and solutions that will ultimately help to shift health systems and populations from illness to health. I am delighted to be able to do this within such a vibrant firm as LCP, which combines market-leading analytics capability with a supportive culture and environment to bring about change.”

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