LCP signs up to Stonewall’s ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ campaign

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Today LCP proudly signs up to Stonewall’s ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights’ campaign, a campaign from Stonewall to help combat transphobia.

In light of recent events and the negativity towards the trans community, the campaign is one of pledging support to the community. Companies were asked to display their support by publicly stating that they value trans people as their employees, colleagues and customers. Some of the country’s best known companies have pledged their support to the campaign. As part of their education and campaign work, Stonewall works with institutions to create inclusive and accepting cultures and to ensure institutions understand and value the huge benefits brought to them by LGBT people. LCP are part of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme and have committed to continue to challenge barriers to diversity and inclusion across the firm.

Daniel Jacobson, Founder and Co-Chair of LCP’s LGBT+ Network at LCP, says,

“LCP is proud to be one of the organisations putting their name to this initiative. The issue of trans rights and the continuing fight for acceptance, equality and the right to live a life free of harassment and fear is one that we should all be aware of and support.

To further demonstrate our commitment, support and drive for diversity and equality, LCP’s LGBT+ Network today launches its updated logo, which reflects the more recently adopted Pride Progress flag. The updated flag now includes the colours of the trans pride banner, as well as visibly shows support for LGBT+ people of colour , those living with HIV and AIDS and remembers those who have been lost.’


LGBT+ new logo

LCP’s updated LGBT+ Network logo

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