‘Even 2025 looks
challenging’ – LCP reaction to Pension Dashboard rollout plan

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The Pensions Dashboard Programme has today published a ‘call for input’ into the sequence in which pension schemes will have to provide data to pension dashboards. Previously the PDP had indicated that dashboards would “start to operate” from 2023, but today’s document is more explicit that full coverage may not be achieved until 2025 or beyond. 

And, according to George Currie, consultant at LCP, who until December 2020 was seconded to the Pensions Dashboards Programme, even that timetable may be challenging.

George Currie said:

“The PDP’s timeline for onboarding pension schemes and providers to the dashboards ecosystem is undoubtedly ambitious and even 2025 looks challenging. If it delivers find and view functionality for the vast majority of pension entitlements by 2025, this will be a remarkable achievement.  However, the scale of preparation required in a relatively short space of time by so many schemes, with vastly different types of entitlement, will be a significant challenge for schemes, who will have to update – and in some cases revolutionise – data management and governance processes to ensure compliance with the timeline. Equally, this timeline is dependent on the successful development, testing, and roll out of the digital architecture of the dashboards ecosystem by the PDP over the coming 18 months, a challenge in itself that should not be underestimated” 

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