James Knighton

James Knighton
Associate Consultant

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I joined LCP after graduating in Maths from the University of Bristol and since then have been a part of LCP’s exciting innovations in new areas of the business.

I help to develop and maintain LCP’s cutting-edge football analytics software, Transferlab, which makes use of AI to offer insight to clubs across the world. The tool tracks over 40,000 players from 70 global leagues, providing advanced metrics that enable recruitment teams to discover hidden talent.

As well as trying to make some logical sense of football, I am part of the Energy Analytics team where I work with clients to develop bespoke models that paint a picture of what the UK’s energy market may look like in the future under a range of scenarios. This often involves tackling problems that no one has thought about before, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role.

Every piece of communication we have received from the LCP team has been phenomenally clear. They provide firm recommendations and as a client I couldn't have asked for more.

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How I can help

We encourage innovation from all angles – from helping us to provide our core services even better and more effectively, to developing entirely new business lines that utilise our core skills. We develop our technology in house and in close liaison with our clients to make sure the end result works just as you’d want it to, to help you make better decisions in less time.