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GB battery market: How to build the business case for battery storage assets

Our viewpoint

The battery storage market in GB is growing. With favourable changes to planning regulations, lucrative Dynamic Containment contracts and demonstrated returns providing investor confidence. Is this the beginning of the road to establish storage as a crucial technology, or are we experiencing a bubble of investment?

Chaired by Kyle Martin, Head of Market Insight, LCP, this webinar will explore the long-term outlook for batteries, as well as how to maximise the asset’s potential through efficient trading.

This webinar covers:

Long-term outlook for battery storage assets

  • Why we decided to build the UK’s largest battery: David Murray, Growth and Strategy Manager, Intergen
  • Our view on the long-term outlook for batteries: Chris Matson, Partner, LCP

Trading and optimising batteries in the GB power market

  • Maximising a battery’s potential through efficient trading across markets: Phil Robinson, Co-founder and Director, Habitat Energy
  • The changing GB landscape and the opportunities for batteries: Rajiv Gogna, Partner, LCP 

This webinar is relevant for investors, battery asset owners, developers, power traders and other senior professionals in the energy market. 


1 hour (including Q&A)

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Is battery storage a good investment opportunity?

Is battery storage a good investment opportunity?

Thought Leadership

In this report we analyse the business case for battery storage investment and how trading strategies need to adapt to ensure these forecasts are realised.

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