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As we wrap up season 2 of Investment Uncut, we gather all our recommended reading and listening content from all 44 episodes in time for your summer.


S2 Ep. 1 - The state of the economy with Natalie Brain
S2 Ep. 2 - Being Black in the City part 1
S2 Ep. 3 - Being Black in the City part 2
S2 Ep. 4 - Financial wellness with Heidi Allan
S2 Ep. 5 - Emotional liquidity with Greg Davies
S2 Ep. 6 - Asset allocation for individuals with Ben Seager-Scott
S2 Ep. 7 - Being a deliberate amateur
with Sally Bridgeland
S2 Ep. 8 - An epidemiologist's perspective
with Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard
S2 Ep. 9 - Election Special With Natalie Brain
S2 Ep. 10 - Growth investing with Charles Plowden
S2 Ep. 11 - Global property investing with Andy Jacobson
S2 Ep. 12 - Active ownership for passive managers with Sonja Laud, LGIM
S2 Ep. 13 - Uncorrelated Reflections part 1
S2 Ep. 14 - Uncorrelated Reflections part 2
S2 Ep. 15 - Climate scenarios with Claire Jones
S2 Ep. 16 - Broadening the investment industry with Sophie Carter
S2 Ep. 17 - Book Club: Rebel Ideas with Laasya Shekaran
S2 Ep. 18 - Cakeism in Joe's America
  • Notes on stimulus here in John Authers excellent comment piece
  • Carbon Brief's article
  • Interesting podcast with Yellen as treasury secretary here from back in Feb 2020.
S2 Ep. 19 - Covid-19’s most uncertain moment  
S2 Ep. 20 - How does a hydrogen cooker even work?
S2 Ep. 21 - The one about Bitcoin
S2 Ep. 22 - Zoomthink with Zoe Burdo
S2 Ep. 23 - Predicting the Budget with Steve Webb
S2 Ep. 24 - When The Fund Stops
S2 Ep. 25 - What you need to know about TCFD
S2 Ep. 26 - Welcome to the roaring 20s
S2 Ep. 27 - Putting the Tiktok into investing
S2 Ep. 28 - How big is big data with Mark Ainsworth
S2 Ep. 29 - We're all in the media business now
S2 Ep. 30 - Do you decide well?
S2 Ep. 31 - The vaccine story
S2 Ep. 32 - The Age of Financial Empowerment
S2 Ep. 33 - Invest like an open DB scheme
S2 Ep. 34 - The Covid-19 wealth gap
S2 Ep. 35 - Banking on sustainability
S2 Ep. 36 - Investing like an insurer with Rob Groves
S2 Ep. 37 - Young Money with Iona Bain

Links to Iona’s content:

S2 Ep. 38 - The Summer of Net Zero
S2 Ep. 39 - Pride in the City with Jess Horner and Luke Hothersall
S2 Ep. 40 - Invest Like A Private Wealth Manager with Kevin Doran
S2 Ep. 41 - Invest like a family office with Alex Scott
S2 Ep. 42 - The Great European Reset
S2 Ep. 43 - Invest Like an Endowment with Victoria Sant
S2 Ep. 44 - Invest Like a DC scheme with Mark Thompson

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