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As we wrap up season 3 of Investment Uncut, we gather all our recommended reading and listening content from all 42 episodes in time for your summer.


Season 3 Episode 1:
Back to school buzz with Aaron Punwani
Season 3 Episode 2:
The tip of the iceberg with Laasya Shekaran
Season 3 Episode 3:
Inside GB's power market with Rajiv Gogna
Season 3 Episode 4:
Impact with Karen Shackleton
Season 3 Episode 5:
African institutional investors with Norbert Fullerton
Season 3 Episode 6: The
Great British investment chat with Becky O’Connor
Season 3 Episode 7:
Bubbles, Quants and Value with Rob Arnott
Season 3 Episode 8:
The future of inclusion with Zoe Burdo
Zoe recommends keeping up with the news agenda
Season 3 Episode 9:
From Bitcoin to Britcoin with Nikki Matthews
Season 3 Episode 10:
The COP26 debrief with Jason Mitchell
Season 3 Episode 11:
Dawn of a new interest rate cycle with Karen Ward
Season 3 Episode 12:
A new inflation era with Jon Camfield
Season 3 Episode 13:
FYI with Maria Nazarova-Doyle
Season 3 Episode 14:
The one about China with Chris Kushlis
Season 3 Episode 15:
The 2021 wrap
Season 3 Episode 16:
The 2022 forecast of forecasts
Season 3 Episode 17:
How to do meetings with Robert Thomas
Season 3 Episode 18:
The power of stories with Stacy Havener
Season 3 Episode 19:
Guidance in the age of responsibility with Tom McPhail
Season 3 Episode 20:
Vote like an owner with Sonia Hierzig
Season 3 Episode 21:
What you need to know about the new governance single code with Rachika Cooray
Season 3 Episode 22:
Book club: Trillions with Robin Wigglesworth
Season 3 Episode 23:
The best and worst of times to be an investor with Joe Wiggins
Season 3 Episode 24:
#BreakTheBias with Jessica Clark
Season 3 Episode 25:
The battery era with Gurpal Ruprai 
Season 3 Episode 26:
Risk revisited with Allison Schrager
Season 3 Episode 27:
What we’ve learnt from (almost) 100 episodes
Season 3 Episode 28:
It’s not about “what”, but “so what” with Graham Jung
Season 3 Episode 29:
Inconvenient truths about private equity with Ludovic Phalippou
Season 3 Episode 30:
Behind every passive return sits an active investor with Matt Gibson
Season 3 Episode 31:
Microaggressions with Mawa Turay
Season 3 Episode 32:
Tour de Real Assets with Andy Jacobson
  • Book series: Dune
Season 3 Episode 33:
The fundamentals of fund research with Deb Clarke
Season 3 Episode 34:
In the mind of the media with Charlotte Moore
Season 3 Episode 35:
GROW your decisions with Naomi L'Estrange
Season 3 Episode 36:
Whistlestop tour of the LCP Strategic Portfolio with David Wrigley
Season 3 Episode 37:
Grow the pie with Alex Edmans
Season 3 Episode 38:
Joy at work with Rebecca Newton
Season 3 Episode 39:
Asset manager diversity: the stats are in with Laasya Shekaran
Season 3 Episode 40:
Emergency pod: what pension schemes are doing in higher interest rates with Steve Hodder
Season 3 Episode 41:
Multiples are not valuation with Michael Mauboussin
Season 3 Episode 42:
Portfolio for the Future with John L Bowman

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