When will
transaction cost transparency arrive?


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Welcome to our 2018 survey of DC asset managers and providers

Transaction costs have recently come under the spotlight as a result of two new legislative requirements that impact DC managers, providers and trustees.

The new legislation is designed to obtain comparable information from managers and increase member awareness of the costs they are paying from their pension pots, and to help them understand the impact these costs can have on their retirement savings.

As we see things, there are three questions that need to be answered before DC schemes will be in a position to provide members with transaction cost data - the final piece of the jigsaw in providing members with full transparency of the costs paid from their pensions.

  1. When are managers and providers going to be in a position to provide transaction costs?
  2. Will there be transaction cost data for all funds?
  3. Is there any confidence that these costs are being verified and audited?

Find out more about what these findings mean for your DC scheme, and your DC savers.

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