LCP Vista Issue 8


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"Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket not the thimble" Warren Buffett

Truly new investment ideas are very rare, but sometimes changes in regulation or market practice throw up opportunities that are worth detailed consideration. We want to help our clients to understand which ones they are.

Our latest investment thinking aims to highlight some new innovative investing ideas, from asset classes through to investment strategy. 

Ideas and views in this edition of LCP Vista:

  • Opportunist investing - everything has a price
  • Trade finance: A liquid alternative to private credit
  • Strategies for maturing DB schemes: are you closer to buy-out than you think?

Also inside - our experts provide their views on the CMA investigation, litigation finance and UK property funds.

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How we can help

We help you get your investment strategy right to ensure good member outcomes in your DB and DC schemes.

Our team works with trustees and sponsors of pension schemes to help them maximise their investment returns, while ensuring risk is well managed.

We help employers and trustees design investment strategies that achieve better outcomes for members.

We identify and research investment managers that can generate the performance our clients expect.

We help our clients understand and implement responsible investment principles.