Pension Schemes Act 2021

Significant changes to the DB pensions world are afoot: a tougher Regulator, new funding rules, climate change action and dashboards. Stay up-to-date with LCP's insight hub where our technical experts cover the developing new requirements.Enter here

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NHS waiting list tracker

Our new accessible and interactive tracker allows you to explore how NHS waiting lists vary across England.

Our Health Analytics team reveal the stark and widening inequalities in waiting times across clinical commission groups (CCGs) as the indirect impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic become clear across the NHS.

The total number on waiting lists has increased by 21% to 5.1 million, an additional 886,000 since the pandemic began, but this has been felt unequally across the country.

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Accounting for Pensions 2021

Following a year like no other, pension schemes of FTSE100 companies start 2021 from a position of strength – with improved funding levels, reduced risk, and increased use of contingent assets.

This report covers 2020 IAS19 benchmarking, trends in pensions strategy, corporate developments, as well as executive pensions reform. We focus on lessons learnt from the past 12 months, and how these could potentially influence future corporate actions and decisions.

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