We bring clarity to decision-makers who face increasingly complex health demands from ageing populations, and support the transition to optimising therapeutics and services today for a healthier tomorrow.

Our health and the challenges facing health systems have changed substantially over recent years. The greatest threats are no longer single diseases, but the increasing numbers of people living with multiple chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Valuing health as an asset

Valuing health rather than counting the cost of illness will be a game-changer for those seeking to address this growing problem. Health is an asset, and investing in health will be key in supporting individuals to live in good health for longer, and delivering sustainability and resilience for healthcare services. Shifting health systems from an illness focus to a health focus requires timely, actionable data. Our health analytics approach leverages data from multiple sources, and our cutting-edge modelling reveals striking new insights.

By taking a holistic approach to patient and population health, we provide bespoke analysis to identify patient groups with the greatest unmet needs, enabling key stakeholders across life sciences, healthcare, social services and more to better target resources.

How we can help

We help you put patient value at the centre of your thinking and decision making. Health needs of patients and populations have become more complex and more personal – our analytics ensures the solutions are as personal as health is to each of us. We work across life sciences and population health management ensuring patient value and equitable healthcare is embedded across all of our interactions.

Our data-driven approach uses Real World Evidence combined with actuarial, epidemiological and machine learning approaches to shine a light on the health needs of different populations. This comprehensive approach to capturing health impacts and the costs of chronic diseases and their related conditions can help you to optimise services, whether they be care pathways, preventive approaches or therapeutics. Our technology specialists can develop interactive and dynamic dashboards within your environment to provide you with dynamic and updating decision support.

Our latest thinking

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Explore our solutions

Use our interactive visualisation to explore and compare key statistics for local authorities in England, including health, education, employment and economic administrative data.

Explore our interactive tracker to see how waiting lists for NHS services vary across England.

Use our Type 2 diabetes comorbidity explorer to examine the real world evidence we used to investigate multimorbidity in patients with T2DM, as part of our work with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

See the health index in your area, how it has changed over time and compares to other local authorities.

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