LCP comments on the publication of Future Energy Scenarios from National Grid

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Responding to National Grid’s publication of Future Energy Scenarios 2019 Chris Matson, Partner at LCP said:

"National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES) provides us with an update on possible pathways to reaching our 2050 targets. Although each of the pathways has its own merits it’s important to remember that we will need to use technologies and approaches from a combination of these pathways to deliver our 2050 targets in the most cost effective manner.

"National Grid’s analysis for reaching a net zero emissions target by 2050 further shows that if we are to meet this challenge there is no part of our economy that escapes the need to decarbonise rapidly over the next 30 years. Greater electrification of heat and transport will require the power sector to decarbonise further and faster while technologies like Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) are needed for harder to reach parts of the economy. Much of the infrastructure needed to realise these targets have significant build times and costs associated with them. Government will need to ensure that the Energy White Paper provides the frameworks to allow industry to deliver these projects."