Tom Porter

Tom Porter
Strategy Director

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I lead LCP’s Business Analytics department, providing analytics and technology solutions to help our clients solve real world problems.  My team supports organisations across a wide range of industries including energy, insurance, investment and employee benefits.

I am the lead partner of LCP’s Energy Analytics practice, helping my clients analyse the risk and opportunities associated with power markets through my experience of providing advice to government, regulators and industry participants. I support my clients with regulatory change, asset valuation and market forecasting with a focus on UK & Irish power markets.

I am also LCP’s Strategy Director, responsible for developing our services as client’s needs evolve and developing new areas to support our growth.

LCP are able to use technical knowledge to appropriately communicate relevant information to aid decision making.

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How I can help

We can help our clients with a wide range of issues from whole system modelling to individual power plant and policy impact analysis.

Strategic advice aimed at maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with the Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference.

We advise on the optimal dispatch of assets within the wholesale market, forward planning of maintenance activities and valuation of commercial upgrades to plant.

We provide detailed forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets, using our EnVision modelling framework. This can provide both short-term and long-term forecasts of all key system metrics, from system wide to individual assets.

LCP Enact is an advanced data integration and analytics platform for the UK’s electricity short term markets, allowing power traders to make more informed decisions.

Our understanding of market dynamics and modelling experience allow us to offer evidence-based recommendations on complex policy and regulatory issues that allow fully informed decision-making.

We combine bottom-up unit-level modelling with market and policy insights to quantify the value and understand the risk associated with any generation asset. 

Our intuitive, real-time pensions technology allows you to see the information you need when you need it, helping you to make decisions.