DC master trust expert
series Issue 1: Growing up - a focus on trustee boards

Our viewpoint

As DC master trusts continue to grow the number of savers whose financial futures are dependent on how well these schemes perform is rising significantly.

Following the DWP’s recent proposal to introduce additional reporting requirements for single trust-based schemes with assets below £100m, master trusts will fast become the benchmark for the industry. Our master trust expert series for DC scheme sponsors and trustees will look at what makes a good trustee board, the member experience in master trust arrangements during 2020 and how well master trusts incorporate responsible investment into their investment strategy.

As the DC master trust market grows, the responsibility for the success of these arrangements covering millions of savers falls on a small number of trustees. In the first issue of our master trust expert series we question just how well these boards are structured - and what developments need to be made in how they operate.

What’s inside?

  • A focus on master trust trustee boards
  • How a more diverse trustee base affects the quality of the trustee board
  • Our top tips for the ultimate master trust board

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Stick or Twist? Do master trusts now have the best cards?

Stick or Twist? Do master trusts now have the best cards?

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